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The collection of different types of multimedia files

January 27, 2010

I’m developing MMS on Android platform, so need test different formats of images/audios/videos. Here I found a site which includes many types of multimedia files, so great.

This is the MPlayer/FFmpeg samples collection.
You can find samples of various common and uncommon
multimedia formats here. The size of the collection
currently is 38GB and growing.

The site has no search functionality, so it is hard to search one format of file. You may using Google, input “<the_keyword>”

Hope it is helpful for everyone.


AndroidGuys Podcast #35

January 14, 2010

DroidEx: Projecting Android on the Big(ger) Screen

January 11, 2010

DroidEx: Projecting Android on the Big(ger) Screen

DroidEx displays a copy of your attached Android device’s screen on your own development machine’s screen. Mostly, this is useful for presentations, as you can attach an Android device to a notebook attached to a projector, and your audience can see what is on the device. In particular, this is good for demonstrations of things that cannot readily be demonstrated via the emulator, such as GPS access or the accelerometer.

This version of DroidEx works with the Android 2.0 SDK.


This version of droidex takes an optional -s switch, with a floating-point value representing by how much to scale the image (e.g., -s 1.25 on an HVGA device will give you a 600×400 projected image). By default, the scale is 1.0, meaning the project image will be as many pixels as is the physical screen size.

Linux & OS X

Set your ANDROID_HOME environment variable to point to the base directory where your Android SDK is installed. Then, just run the droidex shell script from the droidex/ directory.


It is probably easiest to just copy the droidex shell script to a droidex.cmd batch file, change the classpath separator, replace $ANDROID_HOME with the proper value for your PC, and use the batch file. Also, you will need to replace $1 with %1, etc.


The Android 2.0 SDK, or at least ddmlib.jar. DroidEx also uses args4j, a compatible copy of which is included in the repo.


DroidEx is known to work with: 1. T-Mobile G1 2. Google Ion 3. HTC Tattoo 4. Motorola DROID

DroidEx is known not to work with: 1. HTC Hero (at least early versions distributed by Sprint in the US) 2. ARCHOS 5 Android tablet


Version 1.0, meaning DroidEx has been used a fair bit. The head is what is documented here and is somewhat more leading-edge.


The code in this project is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0, per the terms of the included LICENSE file.

Open Source Development

Those interested in contributing to DroidEx may be interested in the project’s Lighthouse issue tracker and the project’s development Google Group.


If you have questions regarding the use of this code, please join and ask them on the cw-android Google Group. Be sure to indicate which application you have questions about.



January 11, 2010

Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any android device.


  1. Install the android sdk (download here)
  2. Connect your device through USB cable and ensure it’s detected with “adb devices”
  3. Make sure you have Java Runtime Environnement 5 or later installed
  4. Click HERE. You can launch it by typing “javaws ” from a command line.


  • Mouse and keyboard control FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY
  • Landscape mode (right click)
  • Video recording
  • Basic file browser

Current limitations

  • Slow refresh rate (about 4-5 fps)
  • Not all keycode are mapped. SeeKeyMapping


  • Automatic screen rotation based on the device current state.
  • Improve speed
  • Audio redirection

How can i help ?

  • Donate using this button : (Thank Daniel and Tyler !)
  • Report issues, submit patch, …


The Google Maps on Android

January 11, 2010

I collected some links about the Google Maps on Android.




This tool will help you retrieve a latitude and longitude value for any point on the map.

Using Google Maps in Android

ItemizedOverlay & ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException > explanation AND solution !!

Android Tutorial 2: “Hit” testing on a View (MapView)

Hello, MapView

Map Tutorials on

Tutorial 1: Transparent Panel (Linear Layout) On MapView (Google Map)

Set HTTP Proxy:
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
select * from system;
insert into system values(99,’http_proxy’,’′);

Set DNS:
setprop net.dns1
setprop dhcp.tiwlan0.dns1

Local search example URL:,118.78413677215576&start=3

Android LocationManager 使用


How to get webview’s content into a bitmap?

How to capture any screen? [Like screen shot does in DDMS]

Google to offer SDK for Android live wallpapers

January 10, 2010

Google to offer SDK for Android live wallpapers

Random people ask to hold my Nexus One every time I pull it out, as I have walked around the show floor of CES. Most of these people know little about Android, but the first thing they always ask about is the live wallpapers. It might seem like a battery draining gimmick to some, but this new feature of Android 2.1 is getting the most buzz from people who are new to Android.

There are currently 10 live wallpapers to choose from and that number will be greatly expanding soon. Google will be releasing a SDK that will allow developers to code their own wallpapers, according to Android Engineer Romain Guy.

What kinds of interactive wallpapers would you like to see developers create?


Shared Icons

January 9, 2010


January 9, 2010

Dedexer is a disassembler tool for DEX files. DEX is a format introduced by the creators of the Android platform. The format and the associated opcode set is in distant relationship with the Java class file format and Java bytecodes. Dedexer is able to read the DEX format and turn into an “assembly-like format”. This format was largely influenced by the Jasmin syntax but contains Dalvik opcodes. For this reason, Jasmin is not able to compile the generated files.

java -jar ddx.jar -d <directory> <dex file>


Dedexer 项目主页:


D:\WINDOWS\system32>java -jar ddx1.5.jar
Usage: java -jar ddx.jar -o -D -d <destination directory> <source>
<destination directory> :指定生成的文件放置的目录
<source> :dex源文件.
-D – 指定生成错误信息.
-o – 指定生成日志文件(dex.log).

java -jar ddx.jar -o -D -d <destination directory> <source>
java -jar ddx1.5.jar -o -D -d c:\dex\gen c:\dex\classes.dex

java -jar ddx1.5.jar -o -D -d c:\dex\gen c:\dex\classes.dex
Processing com/eoeandroid/market/MarketActivity$2
Processing com/eoeandroid/market/MarketActivity$1

运行成功,在gen 目录生成了ddx 文件.用文本编辑器打开,可看到类大致结构.

1.7 支持寄存器跟踪


这个Dalvik VM针对手机程式/CPU做过最佳化,可以同时执行许多VM而不会占用太多Resource,Dalvik VM的source目前还没有开放让人下载(未来整个系统都会开放),目前Google的角度是希望能让大家用这套SDK开始开发APP,底层的东西会慢 慢发布.

Dex 文件格式:




AXMLPrinter2 – Convert Android binary XML to human-readable XML

January 9, 2010

java -jar AXMLPrinter2.jar p1220_symbol_sip.xml > p1220_symbol_sip.txt

Upcoming Flash Player 10.1 for Nexus One

January 6, 2010