DroidEx: Projecting Android on the Big(ger) Screen

DroidEx: Projecting Android on the Big(ger) Screen

DroidEx displays a copy of your attached Android device’s screen on your own development machine’s screen. Mostly, this is useful for presentations, as you can attach an Android device to a notebook attached to a projector, and your audience can see what is on the device. In particular, this is good for demonstrations of things that cannot readily be demonstrated via the emulator, such as GPS access or the accelerometer.

This version of DroidEx works with the Android 2.0 SDK.


This version of droidex takes an optional -s switch, with a floating-point value representing by how much to scale the image (e.g., -s 1.25 on an HVGA device will give you a 600×400 projected image). By default, the scale is 1.0, meaning the project image will be as many pixels as is the physical screen size.

Linux & OS X

Set your ANDROID_HOME environment variable to point to the base directory where your Android SDK is installed. Then, just run the droidex shell script from the droidex/ directory.


It is probably easiest to just copy the droidex shell script to a droidex.cmd batch file, change the classpath separator, replace $ANDROID_HOME with the proper value for your PC, and use the batch file. Also, you will need to replace $1 with %1, etc.


The Android 2.0 SDK, or at least ddmlib.jar. DroidEx also uses args4j, a compatible copy of which is included in the repo.


DroidEx is known to work with: 1. T-Mobile G1 2. Google Ion 3. HTC Tattoo 4. Motorola DROID

DroidEx is known not to work with: 1. HTC Hero (at least early versions distributed by Sprint in the US) 2. ARCHOS 5 Android tablet


Version 1.0, meaning DroidEx has been used a fair bit. The head is what is documented here and is somewhat more leading-edge.


The code in this project is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0, per the terms of the included LICENSE file.

Open Source Development

Those interested in contributing to DroidEx may be interested in the project’s Lighthouse issue tracker and the project’s development Google Group.


If you have questions regarding the use of this code, please join and ask them on the cw-android Google Group. Be sure to indicate which application you have questions about.




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