WordPress on Android with wpToGo

WordPress on Android with wpToGo

Even a die hard Android fan can admit the iPhone still has tons of jealousy-inducing features. One thing I’ve been sorely missing is official WordPress support (the iPhone gets its own official app). For awhile now I’ve seen a couple apps touting WordPress capabilities so today I thought we’d have a look at one of the most popular WordPress clients for Google Android, wpToGo.

Post Edit ScreenPost Edit Screen

wpTogo lets to control WordPress from your Android device. You can add posts, upload photos, and view comments. When making or editing a post, wpToGo allows you to format text, set the categories, add tags, and even save the post as a draft (handy for jotting things down for later review).

For bloggers and nerds like myself running multiple instances of WordPress, wpToGo lets you add and manage multiple accounts. Adding a new blog is pretty straight forward. You enter a path, the login details, and select some preferences about image uploads (size, alignment, etc).

Recent postsRecent posts

When you first log in, you are presented with a list of recent entries. A long press on any entry will bring up the post options (preview, edit, view comments). Up top there is a button for adding new entries and for refreshing the list.

wpTogo lets you connect to your WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress install via an XML-RPC interface. All WordPress blogs have this functionality built in be default, but to run wpToGo you may need to activate XML-RPC under Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing.

Adding an accountAdding an account

While wpToGo does a lot of things right it’s also a bit limited. While you can view comments there is no way to moderate them. The UI leaves a bit to be desired. But overall it works and it works fairly well. The basic text formatting and image uploading is a nice touch and should suffice for capturing quick posts. Until WordPress rolls out official Android support it looks like wpToGo is the app for me.

Version: 1.6.8
Developed By: Roundhill Labs
Price: FREE
Filesize: 110 KB


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